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Ankle Brachial Index

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Ankle Brachial Index

About the Procedure :

Peripheral arterial disease affects more than 10 million people in the United States. In advanced stages, it may cause claudication and critical leg ischemia, defined as the presence of pain at rest in the leg or foot, ischemic ulcers, or gangrene. The presence of peripheral arterial disease leads to substantial morbidity in individual patients and results in early mortality. It also incurs high costs for the health care system. Because of its critical impact on health, accurate diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease is important.

How to perform provocative maneuver for Ankle Brachial Index ?

Demonstration of how to do heel-raise exercises, following a resting ankle brachial index test, to help assess for any drop in ankle systolic pressures. This video is intended to help clinicians who are developing their lower limb vascular assessment skills.